iiGreen demonstrates our dedication to making our world a greener place. It is apparent across all of our touch-points from recycling bins to encouraging the 'bike to work' scheme for our local clients.

Starting with the basics, iiGreen have recycling bins in our co-working space for maximum green points. iiGreen is an active recycling initiative where everyone has a recycling box on their desk and only one rubbish bin placed in a communal area (as opposed to rubbish bins at every station) to encourage mindfulness around how we discard waste. 

Our lighting turn-offs automatically when it senses that nobody is in a room - sensor activated lights insure that we save power (and the planet along with it) whilst also reducing power costs.
To help get everyone on board and motivated about green workplace initiatives, iiGreen create monthly green challenges. For example bike to work day, use less fuel day, wear recycled fibres day, bring your lunch in a wax wrap day, BYO keep cup or coffee cup day. iiGreen keeps a challenge leaderboard and reward our clients with a monthly winner of the 'iiGreenest Client' award.
We use locally sourced dairy milk which enables us to use refillable glass milk bottles, eliminating the need for plastic or paper based milk containers, reducing our daily waste.
As a space dedicated to digital businesses, we opted not to invest in printers. This nullifies our need for paper, ink and saves the energy used to print documents.
We encourage all of our clients to avail of the bike to work scheme, contributing to our cause to reduce carbon footprint.
Donegal County Council and the Derry and Strabane District Council are in progress building greenway routes around the North West of Ireland. Some of these routes include:

Route 1: Derry to Buncrana
Route 2: Derry to Muff

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